Starting off with a Cute Story

cat-1454469_1280Okay, while we’re waiting for the crew to sharpen their pencils here at, I thought of a cute story from Reader’s Digest that went something like this: A couple went fishing, but only caught a small fish – big enough to keep, but too small for dinner, and they weren’t able to throw it back I guess. So they decided to give it to their kitties to eat.

They brought the fish back to the house, and cleaned it and put it in the cat bowls, but the cats just went up to it, smelled it and haughtily walked away. The couple couldn’t figure it out, but one of them had an idea, and picked up the bowls, then ran the electric can opener – the cats came running – they put the bowls back down, and voila! They polished off the fish after all.

Cats are so funny. I love them. You might see more cat stories, or even some fishing tales here… who knows? Stick around and see!


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